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Making IT More Manageable

Is your IT department overwhelmed by equipment maintenance, upgrades and service tickets? Are they struggling to manage immediate priorities of the business due to time spent supporting network, hardware and software issues?

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Mobility Edge — Your Mobility Next Best Friend

In more recent years, the value of using mobile devices in the enterprise has become crystal clear. The ability to carry out business operations at the point of work is extremely effective from a cost, productivity and safety standpoint.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Mobile Computer

Choosing the right industrial mobile computer for your business is a particularly important task, since the right device can provide efficient operations and high productivity—while the wrong one may result in excessive downtime, high costs and endless frustration. Making the best selection for rugged mobile computer revolves around 5 key factors…

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Why You Need This Wearable Solution for Your Warehouse

In any warehouse environment, employee productivity can make the difference between profit and loss, so any edge that can increase the efficiency of the team is worth investigating. If your workers are missing out on the freedom of hands-free operation, then it’s time to take a look at a wearable device that’s designed for your rugged environment.

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Importance of Electronic Specimen Tracking Solution

Medical Courier Elite (MCE) is a complete solution that tracks medical specimens in real-time through a cloud-based software solution. It optimizes the collection process and provides a real-time management platform from pick up to delivery. MCE ensures that your lab specimens are delivered to their destination laboratories, allowing your lab to maintain accuracy and improve overall performance.

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eCom Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computer

If you’ve been searching for a mobile computer that works in potentially explosive environments, you know that most devices rely on outmoded technology. Now Honeywell and eCom have put an end to that frustration by introducing the i.roc® Ci70-Ex intrinsically safe PDA. This revolutionary new device was designed specifically for use in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as other environments that require intrinsically safe computing.

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5 Benefits of Honeywell PM Series

It’s likely that your business could benefit from increased warehouse productivity, reduced downtime and improved transaction accuracy, right? If you’re like most businesses, you probably have some areas of your business that could use a little tightening up in terms of improved accuracy and transaction time.

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Mobile PCs in the Field?

Your mobile business apps evolve relatively slowly, but PC technology can change in the blink of an eye. If you already have or are considering investing in a mobile business app and the mobile PCs to support it, you’ll want to protect that investment by ensuring that your devices will operate well even if the operating system evolves—or disappears.

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Simplicity and Flexibility with RFID

Great for asset tracking or inventory management, the IF2 RFID reader from Honeywell is compact and cost effective, yet powerful and reliable. It works well in any RFID application that requires accuracy and a low cost to read, especially in industrial, manufacturing or warehousing environments.

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